SIX/SEVEN started when Liza Rietz and Emily Bixler met and quickly found out they both shared the same birthday on 6/7. A simple coincidence that eventually led to the merging of some crazy kinetic Gemini energy and artistic harmony. 

SIX/SEVEN is the collaborative retail space of clothing designer Liza Rietz and jewelry designer/sculptor Emily Bixler. SIX/SEVEN is not your ordinary retail shop but a gallery that showcases clothing, jewelry and sculpture and the unique interplay between these three mediums. With some of the production taking place on-site, SIX/SEVEN offers a unique show room where the customer can see merchandise being made and see the design process. SIX/SEVEN exclusively showcases the three lines: Liza Rietz clothing, BOET jewelry, and their clothing collaboration "6/7" house-line - a new line of clothing for women incorporating Liza's modern, architectonic silhouettes and Emily's intricate crocheted pieces and sculptural shapes. There is a limited production run of each design,  so when you buy a piece at SIX/SEVEN, you are getting a true original.