Guest Artist - Belle Chesler

Guest Artist - Belle Chesler

reductive block prints, gouache and gold leaf paintings

now on display at SIX/SEVEN


When we opened SIX/SEVEN nearly two years ago, we envisioned a space that pushed the boundaries of a simple boutique and instead focused on the merging of art and fashion. Being makers for years, we wanted to emphasize the hand made aspects and craft of objects both wearable and unwearable. Simply put, we are interested in how different artistic mediums overlap and inspire one another.  

BOET jewelry, the sculptures of Emily Bixler, and Liza Rietz clothing designs have been on an artistic honeymoon for years now, inspiring new creations such as the 6/7 houseline and joint sculpture collaborations. But our journey feels incomplete without honoring other artists and makers that we have been inspired by. It is by no surprise that the amazing work of artist Belle Chesler came to mind when brainstorming our first artist reception. Chesler's reductive block prints and gold leaf paintings are stunning graphic depictions of simple utilitarian objects. The repetition of Chesler's simple shapes and forms create bold patterns that captivate the eye and won't let you look away. The objects she depicts seem both familiar and exotic. In her words:

The reductive block prints and small gouache and gold leaf paintings in this show represent a body of work I created over the past two years.  After the birth of my child I was stymied by my inability to find the time and inspiration to make art.  It took me awhile to get back into the habit of creating, gradually stealing a few hours here and there to sneak away and focus.  Thus, much of the work represents short bursts of focus, and then long pauses.  

Many of the pieces shown here were inspired by specific objects of fascination in my grandparent’s home that I translated into simple graphic forms.  As someone who has often valued functionality and design over ornamentation, the idea of taking something utilitarian yet beautiful and reducing it to a simplified, non-functional image was appealing.

When we first saw these prints we immediately felt they were family to the creations at SIX/SEVEN - the controlled shapes reminded us of BOET jewelry and Bixler's sculptures while the stark repetitive angles seemed reminiscent of the design curves used in Rietz's garments. 

We are honored to have Chesler's work adorn our walls and hope you can stop by the shop and see them in person!

Liza and Emily